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Stolen Works

In the recent years 16 paintings were stolen from Nikolai Blokhin. If you have any information relating to the paintings below, or if you are approached regarding the purchase of the following paintings by Nikolai Blokhin, please call +1 408 823 8461, or contact us by email: or
Alice 16"x24", paper, sauce, 2007

Buffoonery 24"x24", paper, mixed technics, 1994

Evening Repose 32"x50", oil on linen, 2008

Guiser 55"x63", oil on linen, 2005

Horseman 67"x51", oil on linen, 2006

Italian Landscape 20"x16", oil on linen, 2004

Lady in Silver 48"x24", oil on linen, 2007

Landscape 20"x16", oil on linen, 2004

Natasha 40"x28", oil on linen, 2002

Portrait 16"x12", oil on linen, 1997

Portrait 18"x14", paper, sepia, 2009

Portrait of Anya 60"x24", oil on linen, 2007

Portrait of V. Smukrovich 18"x14", paper, sanguine, 2009

Sisters 55"x71", oil on linen, 2007

Still life 16"x24", oil on linen, 2007

White Flowers 24"x35", oil on linen, 2007

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